Healing preceded the world into existence. I know that as great as science is, and it is great, healing will always be found in the pages of Bahir, God’s holy words, to our Rabbi Moses.

“When you pray, you pray as if your prayer has already been answered.”

  • In most synagogues in most religious communities, when a member of the synagogue is ill, the Rabbi or Cantor or Healing Committee places the name of the ill person on a list of people who will be prayed for in the synagogue during the time of the misheberach prayer. During the appointed time of misheberach, all the names of those congregational members are read aloud by the Rabbi. In the great majority of synagogues, the rabbi invites God to give strength to the suffering individual so that he or she may fight the illness, knowing that God is in his court. In other words, in our contemporary synagogues, when a person prays to God for healing, he prays that God give him the necessary strength and belief to deal and to cope with that specific disease.
  • The Bene Shalom Healing Center takes a radically different view. We are guided by the Biblical notion of prayer and healing. In our Healing Center we do not pray to be given strength; we pray to be given CURE. We pray as Moses prayed, when he prayed for his sister Miriam’s cure. We pray as Elisha prayed when he prayed for the complete healing of the little sick boy stricken ill in the wheat field. The Bible teaches that God cures and heals. We accept and follow the teachings of the Bible.
  • The Hebrew prayer book which was first put together in the early part of the First Millennium has a healing prayer that is universally accepted by all Hebrew prayer books in all languages in the world.
  • Rihfaheynu Adonai vihneyrahfey hosheeynu vihne-vahsheyah vih-hahahley
rihfooah shihleymah lihchol makoteynu. Baruch atah Adonai rofey Hahcholeem.
  • Heal us O Lord and we shall be healed; save us, and we shall be saved; 
grant us a perfect healing from all our wounds. Blessed is the Lord, Healer of the Sick.
  • We believe that when the prayer book or Bible says “heal,” it means “cure our diseases.” It doesn’t mean “heal our negative thinking so that we become more positive in our outlook.” To that end, our healing center uses the Kabbalistic healing principles of great Kabbalistic thinkers like Isaac Luria, Chaim Vitale, Rabbi Baal Shem Tov, the written texts of the Zohar and many many other Kabbalistic texts based on the key principle that guides our healing center, “When you pray, you pray as if your prayer has already been answered.”
  • All people are welcome to our Kabbalistic healing prayer sessions. We welcome people of all faiths and religions. Please check the calendar for the next prayer session.

Rabbi Dr. Goldhamer and Rabbi Chen meet with people for healing prayer individually, by private appointment only.