Sign LanguageSari DaybookSundays  October 27, 2019-December 15, 2019


$50Learn beginning sign language from our expert Sari Daybook
Practical Applications of KabballahRabbi Goldhamer and Dr. Myron GlassenbergSundays October 27, 2019 –January 19, 2020


$100Do you want to feel as close to God in your life as you are with your best friend?  Do you want to study the impact of Kabballah on science?  Whether you are a novice of an advanced student, this class will provide practical insights on how you can enhance your life through the Jewish mystical tradition.
Immigration LawIna WinstonOctober 27, 2019


$25The latest on the plight of immigrants.
How to Carve a TurkeySteve Brownstein

Chef Extraordinaire!

November 10, 2019


$25Thanksgiving is coming! Learn how to tackle that turkey!
“Cracking the Code”: Treating Anti-Antisemitism as a DiseaseGary Slutkin, MD. Founder and CEO, Cure Violence Global, #9 of top 500 NGOs in the world, formerly World Health Organization; innovator in violence reduction strategiesDecember 8, 2019


$25“Cracking the Code”: Treating Anti-Antisemitism as a Disease
Soup SecretsLaura and Mark SchwartzDecember 15, 2019


$25Learn how to prepare a delicious gluten-free/vegetarian soup.
Dowsing: an Introduction with Practical ApplicationsMark Hurwich, Gayle West

Mark Hurwich, Founder of Concentrated Coaching, serves heart-led entrepreneurs, innovative leaders, and coaches/therapists stalled in important work or life pursuits.  Gayle West is an expert in Akashic Records.  She has presented in China and all over the world.

January 12, 2020


$25Dowsing is a powerful tool to expand your own knowing, answer questions, find lost articles, locate water, adjust energy patterns, etc.  We’ll teach a simple way to use your body to get yes/no and 1-10 scaled answers to questions, and to introduce the use of pendulums as well.
Wicked Plants

“The Weed that Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities”


Based on the book of the same name given to Ken Clinkman as a gift by Rabbi Goldhamer and Peggy Bagley

Ken ClinkmanCancelled$25A tree that sheds poison daggers, a shrub that causes paralysis, a vine that strangles, and a leaf that triggered a war. This talk will render a ghastly portrait of evildoers that may be lurking in your own backyard.  Ken’s father ran a nursery and taught him the Latin names of plants when he was 3 years old. He studied plants as a Boy Scout and was a botany major in college… for a whole year!