Rabbi Douglas taught:

REINCARNATION –  Sundays, Oct. 30, 2016 – Feb. 5, 2017, 12:00 PM

Judaism maintains that there are five levels to the human soul. As a result, a person’s actions not only have a direct impact on his soul, deciding how, when and where he will reincarnate – but a person’s actions also have a direct impact on the corresponding spiritual worlds which exist in our physical universe. When a person performs good acts, it unifies the levels of his soul to the extent that, when he passes, he will either reincarnate in another person, or as an angel of God, doing a specific deed God has appointed for him, in the spiritual universe. Yet, this angel, due to reincarnation, has the power to travel from physical universe to spiritual world during his reincarnated life. This will all be explained in detail – like, for ex., can you born again as an angel fighting lung cancer; or can you be born again with a higher level of soul at birth, thus your life in this world could be much more exalted than in your previous life. All this will be explained in detail.

In Judaism, the first level of soul is not achieved through conception, but everyday thousands and thousands of souls at the nefesh level come down from the world of souls. Each soul breaks up into a myriad of souls and enters a little baby girl or a little baby boy that has just been born. Her life, of this little baby girl, becomes a school for the soul of nefesh. Through her own life and through the different lives of her reincarnation into other babies, her soul of nefesh has the opportunity to develop and learn until she (the soul) earns her stripes and has the opportunity to reach all five levels of the soul. When a person’s level of soul reaches the level of yechida she lives permanently in heaven until that time she is an angel of soul whose home base is heaven. God sends her on different missions to join with other living souls on earth helping them overcome earthly difficulties.

The study of reincarnation is an extremely fascinating disciple and practice in Judaism especially because different Jewish schools have different philosophies of reincarnation, or its Hebrew word gilgul. I am more excited about sharing my Aramaic and Hebrew research of the soul in Judaism than any other disciple I have ever taught.

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“SIGN THE SONGS OF SHABBAT”     Mondays, Nov. 7, 2016 – Dec. 12, 2016     7:00-8:00 PM

Sari Daybook and Rachel Clinkman taught how to sign all the songs of our Shabbat service!

Everyone is welcome.

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