Sign LanguageSari DaybookSundays

April 5 – May 31

1:30pm – 2:30pm

$50Learn beginning sign language from our expert Sari Daybook.
Wicked Plants

“The Weed that Killed Lincoln’s Mother” and Other Botanical Atrocities”


Based on the book of the same name given to Ken as a gift by Rabbi Goldhamer and Peggy Bagley

Ken ClinkmanDate TBD$25A tree that sheds poison daggers; a shrub that causes paralysis; a vine that strangles; and a leaf that triggered a war. This talk will render a ghastly portrait of evildoers that may be lurking in your own backyard.  Ken’s father taught him the Latin names of plants when he was 3 years old.  He was a botany major in college…for a whole year!
Kabbalistic Principles of HealingRabbi Dr. Douglas GoldhamerSundays

February 16 – May 31

1:00pm – 2:30pm

$100This will be a 10-session, in-depth exploration of Jewish mystical traditions, with an emphasis on Meditation and Healing.  Rabbi Goldhamer will explore different meditative and healing techniques, based on his studies of ancient and medieval Hebrew texts.  Texts for the class will be This is for Everyone and Healing with God’s Love:  Kabbalah’s Hidden Secrets written by Rabbi Goldhamer.
Medicare & Medicaid Basics and TipsTom GillerSunday

March 15


$25Tom will take you through the sometimes-confusing basics of Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare prescription drug plans, and Medicaid, providing some practical tips for achieving the best coverage for your needs.
 Exotic Birds in the USA:  No Passport RequiredSheryl RobinsonSunday

April 26, 10:30am

$25Sheryl Robinson will share her love of exotic birds and how they can be seen in the USA in different zoos and aquariums. You’ll also hear about conservation programs to help endangered birds in their native habitats. See the many brightly colored feathered creatures, learn where they are native to, where you can view them within the US, and how to help their wild cousins.
Memories of Jewish ImmigrationLaura and Mark SchwartzSunday

May 17

1:30pm – 2:30pm

$25Laura and Mark will share stories and artifacts about their grandparents’ immigration to the United States.  Participants are welcome to bring their stories and artifacts.